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Phenylalanine and PKU

A comprehensive online resource for the PKU (Phenylketonuria) community. Not only will visitors find PKU information, but will also enjoy support and community interaction from others living life with PKU.
http://www.pku.com ~  [ Read more ]


For patients living with acromegaly, Somatuline Depot can help control insuline like growth factors and growth hormones. If you're looking for information about acromegaly disease and its causes, learn more at this site.
http://www.somatulinedepot.com ~  [ Read more ]

T Cell Lymphoma

Targretin capsules are used to treat skin problems caused by Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL). Targretin is intended for those whose skin problems did not respond to other treatments and is effective in all stages of CTCL.
http://www.targretin.com ~  [ Read more ]

PAH Disease

Ventavis is an inhaled medication for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Ventavis has shown to help patients feel better in daily activities, walk further in a timed test and lessen the chances of the condition worsening. Ventavis is an alternative to pumps and needles and can be taken in combination with an oral endothelin antagonist.
http://www.4ventavis.com/default.asp?page=patient_about_pah ~  [ Read more ]

Heartburn Relief

For patients dealing with acid reflux disease or who have heartburn two or more times a week, immediate-release Zegerid (omeprazole) may be a good treatment recommendation.
http://www.zegerid.com ~  [ Read more ]

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Gestational Diabetes Info from dLife

Gestational diabetes happens during a woman's pregnancy. Visit dLife to learn more about this specific diabetes as well as type 1 & 2 diabetes.
http://www.dlife.com/diabetes/gestational ~  [ Read more ]

Drug Rehab Center

Saint Jude Retreats provides alternative treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Get the help and support you need to from our team of caring addiction treatment specialists.
http://www.soberforever.net/ ~  [ Read more ]

Cancer Treatment Mexico

Cancer Treatment Mexico has been developed to support the community of patients seeking alternative cancer treatment overseas and especially in Mexico.
http://www.cancertreatmentmx.com/ ~  [ Read more ]

Cancer Survival

Livestrong.org (the Lance Armstrong Foundation) provides information about the physical and emotional effects of cancer.
http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.khLXK1PxHmF/b.2662117/k.68D9/Hear_Survivor_Stories.htm ~  [ Read more ]

Atrial Fibrillation

The objective of InsideCardiacArrest.com is to provide you with information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest so that you can better understand its potential dangers to you, your family and your friends.
http://www.heartlibrary.com/heart-library-atrial-fibrillation.aspx?flashmov=atrial-fibrillation&currPage=AC ~  [ Read more ]